University Study Abroad Safaris

Travel can be the greatest education received. We take pride in our unique and transformative university travel programs, designed to complement your specific area of study through practical work in the field or credit yielding components under the supervision of industry leaders.

At Southern Sky Adventures we work closely with university faculty heads, alumni travel organizations and volunteer work coordinators to develop tours that are specialized in areas of respective interest. By partnering with local and accredited academic institutions and research teams we have gained valuable insight and the knowledge required for such bespoke itineraries. Though our focus remains firmly on authentic African learning opportunities, we enrich our programs with adventure activities, compassionate community work and meaningful wildlife conservation experiences.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes across a diversity of age groups, from destinations throughout Africa. Our locally based operations team will keep things running smoothly. From bustling cities to remote wild locations; from pristine beaches to expansive mountain ranges and sunset safaris, Africa has it all. Every mile traveled will reveal something of her vibrancy, adventure and diversity of her people, culture and places.

Travel Tips

Most (not all) African countries will require proof that you’ve had a Yellow Fever vaccination. Malaria prophylaxis is another must-have, and if you’re planning on trekking at altitude, mention this to your medical practitioner as well
It’s common to be greeted with a huge smile and hello, and most local people are keen to learn your name, where you’re from and why you’re visiting
“Africa time” is a phrase you’ll come to love and hate during your travels to Africa. You’ll soon realise it’s actually nice to escape the immediacy of the west and enjoy a more relaxed pace instead
English is an official language in many countries (along with German or French in a few). It’s incredibly widely spoken, and it is unlikely you will have issues being able to communicate
Always book accommodation well in advance during peak season (May – October). Namibia for example is extremely popular, with very limited accommodation in the desert areas
Although bulky and cumbersome to travel with, reference books will come in very handy. Bring along your favorite birding or mammal book! There are a multitude of apps available if you prefer traveling light


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Best Travel Experience Ever

I relive that trip in my mind almost daily – it was the best travel experience I’ve ever had.  Thank you for all you did to make it perfect.  Your local knowledge of the people and places definitely were a plus – you couldn’t have picked more excellent guides, trackers…

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An Incredible Time

Southern Sky Adventures did a great job helping us to plan our trip to Africa.  They covered all of the details—everything from flights and accommodations to safari essentials to in-country cell phone service to restaurant and activity recommendations.  Richard even managed to make suggestions on how four women should not…

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Once-in-a-lifetime Safari

Thanks for helping us put together such an amazing girl’s trip to South Africa.  We couldn’t have asked for a more well-planned adventure.  Your guidance, itinerary recommendations, and hard work in arranging the details definitely helped to make this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” a truly incredible experience for all.  Between the 4…

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Worry-Free Group Experience

Our fall trip to Africa included 11 wonderful and diverse individuals for four venues, over a two week period.   How can this many people enjoy themselves so much for this extended period of time?  The answer is Richard Pace!  You worked diligently to anticipate our every need, and continued to…

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Adventure of a Lifetime

I can’t recommend Richard Pace and Southern Sky adventures enough! He’s been travelling all over the continent of Africa for the last 12 years and specializes in an otherwise unknown and intimidating territory. I didn’t know what to expect from South Africa but my trip went off without a hitch…

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The Perfect Itinerary

I went to South Africa in December 2008 with three friends and truly had the trip of a lifetime.  The country is absolutely beautiful and there are so many amazing things to do from safari to whale watching to fine dining in Cape Town.  Southern Sky Adventures planned the perfect…

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A different view of South Africa

I had been looking forward to a trip to South Africa for many years, knowing how special it would be.  It was all that and more because of Richard Pace and Southern Sky Adventures.  His choice of accommodations, destinations and tours were perfect.  Everywhere we went was superb and each…

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