An Unforgettable Vacation


An Unforgettable Vacation

Please use our name as a reference. We had a great experience and an unforgettable vacation. Everything you planned for us was flawless.

Laurie, New York

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Yellow Aloe Guest House

This upmarket country-chic bed and breakfast was born out of a love for the countryside, and the town of Clanwilliam in particular. The distinct characteristics of each guest room, quiet corner and garden space tells a story of relaxation, inspiration, rejuvenation and love.

The serene surrounds of the…

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Following decades of isolation, Mozambique has emerged as one of the most popular and enticing tourist destinations in Southern African, known not only for its unique historical and cultural heritage, but also for greeting visitors with its warm, exuberant, open arms. Mozambique’s distinct local style consists of a vibrant blend…

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One of Africa’s best kept secrets, particularly for those seeking the wilderness, Namibia is a large, mainly arid Southern African country slightly more than half the size of Alaska bordering the south Atlantic Ocean, between Angola and South Africa. Namibia boasts remarkable natural attractions such as the Namib Desert, the…

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Rwanda is rapidly showing signs of development as it heals and rebuilds from the 1994 genocide experienced in the country. Today, the country is increasingly perceived internationally as a safe destination — indeed, tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors and is now the country’s leading foreign exchange earner….

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South Africa

South Africa, on the continent’s southern tip, is the 25th-largest country in the world – slightly less than twice the size of Texas – and boasts a lengthy coastline stretching more than 1,500 miles along two oceans, the South Atlantic on the west and the Indian on the south and…

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