Dugong Beach Lodge, Vilanculos Sanctuary, Mozambique

The ancillary benefits of this job rest firmly in the opportunity to see and experience a lot of Africa and stay on the go. Headed up this way to check out the offerings of the Vilanculos area with the end game being able to determine whether the offerings would be a good match for future clients.

Took off yesterday morning to overnight with Dugong Beach Lodge located within the Vilanculos Sanctuary. Dugong is a high end lodge located at the end of a peninsula about a 3 hour’s drive from Vilanculos. In lieu of the drive the lodge offered to take me via boat. Prior to meeting the boat at the harbor about midday I drove the northern outskirts of Vilanculos and popped in to visit the Vilanculos Beach Lodge, Casa Rex and Aguia Negra. All offer a range of mid to high end accommodation right on the beach but I have to admit that I am partial to where I am staying now at Archipelago.

Ernesto met me down at Smuggler’s Restaurant and took me over to the boat in the harbor that took us across the inlet. Waves were choppy yesterday with winds coming in from the southeast. The trip across took about 45 minutes and the destination made it well worth the rocky trip.

The manager, Brian, was waiting for me upon arrival. I recognized him and we figured out pretty quickly that I knew him from a past trip to Benguerra Lodge just a few miles north located in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The setup here at Dugong, from the seaside appeal as we approached, to the rooms to the staff to the prolific fish life found just at the end of the dock makes this spot a good one for the high end traveler. I may have been for supper served the largest crayfish I have seen.

I’ll just add some photos below to tell the story. Pictures is about that is needed to showcase this 14 suite development.

Bedroom Pool

Bedroom Deck

Yeah, it was big