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Southern and East African Safaris: Guided and Self-Drive Trips

Southern Sky Adventures: Southern and East African Safaris: Guided and Self-Drive Trips

Welcome to Southern Sky Adventures! We specialize in organizing guided and self-drive tours through southern and East Africa. Tailor made itineraries are offered for families, friends and honeymooners to business travelers looking for a trip add on to clubs to adventure seekers.

A natural attraction to the wilds, locales and people of Africa served as the motivating factor in starting a business specializing in African safaris after a six month trip to the continent in 2000. The extended journey was difficult to end and upon return to the United States we had to determine a way to keep going back. Leading tours to Africa has enabled us to meet this goal while bringing some local knowledge to would be travelers. We do not always just want to hire a person to lead a safari in Africa. We like to lead groups ourselves or advise tourists on how to enjoy a self-drive trip based on our personal experiences on African safaris. Since the company’s formation we have made three to four trips a year to Africa usually lasting a month or more taking time to guide groups as well as explore new locations and properties. Personalizing your vacation to the region based on our hands on familiarity and passion is something we enjoy very much.

The most important aspect of a tour through southern or East Africa is the planning, and we hope to provide a conduit through which to maximize your travel desires. Frequenting the continent multiple times a year, we have the experience and knowledge to share with you. Budget, personal interests, regions and type of accommodation are but a few important factors in mapping out your trip. Getting these questions answered thoroughly and accurately allows you the peace of mind to enjoy at leisure your African safari holiday.

A tour can include most anything – big 5 game viewing, climbing the highest peaks of Africa, cultural tours, more active pursuits such as scuba diving, golf, surfing or fishing or a simply restful sojourn on a remote island beach. Check out our sample itineraries of the most popular tours for some ideas. Read up on each of the country destinations and check out the Frequently Asked Questions for online answers.

Hopefully, we can be of assistance in designing a self-drive or guided holiday through southern or East Africa – where man’s first adventure began.

You’ve waited, it’s time.

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