Madwikwe, South Africa – Elephants and Lions

What an incredible sight, over 100 elephants at a large watering hole with lions and cubs on the perimeter. Brian correctly assumed the elephants would come for a late afternoon drink and saw the lion pride in the nearby brush upon arrival. He predicted a clash between the two species as elephants do not like visitors of any kind nearby. As the massive herd began filing in to the watering hole, we noticed their attention shift from play to concern. Ears became taught and flared widely from their heads. The older animals bunched closely together with the babies in the rear. Suddenly a stampede of elephants ran through the low trees and brush, their goal to run off the pride of lion. They were successful as we heard the roars of lion mixed with the trumpeting of elephants filing the evening sky. The sounds were so loud I felt them as much as I heard them.
I had taken in 2 exceptional first days in the African bush. Madikwe treated me well. It was now off to the outskirts of KrugerPark and into the Ngala Safari Lodge. Another bush pilot scooped me up from the remote airfield and delivered me into the heart of South Africa’s world renowned  jewel of conservation, KrugerNational Park. Named for the past president of South Africa, Paul Kruger, who recognized the need for conservation over 100 years ago by setting aside, Kruger National Park is larger than the state of Massachusetts.