Exter Leadwood Camp, South Africa

We had one heck of an arrival, afternoon game drive yesterday and morning game drive just an hour ago at CC Africa’s Exter Leadwood Camp. Upon arrival, we watched an elephant herd drinking at the river upon which the lodge is built. We went out on an afternoon game drive and saw a herd of 200 Cape Buffalo come to take a drink at the watering hole. The watering hole was filled with 3 not too happy hippos. They grunted and groaned for a few minutes.

This morning was a morning like nothing I have ever seen. We came across two female lionesses with about 6 cubs the size of a small dog. They had just killed an impala so all were feeding. The cubs were fighting over thepieces of meat. They were growling and biting one another, all covered inblood. I got some good photos and video. I’ve yet to see lions feeding so it was great to witness and then have my mother see it, too. She came to join me yesterday.

5 minutes after we left the lion kill, we looked up on the hill and saw another ranger turn sharply down the side road. Right behind him was a rhino and her year old baby coming full steam at us from about 100 yards.

You would think a vehicle could out pace a rhino but the road was a dirt road and had lots of bumps. We took off as the ranger was worried. My mother was in the front seat, me behind her and a couple behind me. That rhino was coming at full speed and got within 10 feet of or bumper as we sped away. Most of the time, a rhino will then go away but this one kept coming down the road with her baby in the lead. We were driving 25 miles per hour and the rhino kept gaining on us when we had to slow for the high bumps in the road. I got the whole thing on video with audio, as well. It was as heart thumping an experience as I have ever had. Even the ranger was amazed. I think I am going to post the video on You Tube as it is awesome. The rhino and her baby chased us for a mile and a quarter. We went back and checked the distance.

It does not get any better than this in the South African bush!