Tarasinee (Tara) Thareram

Asia, Australia & New Zealand Sales Manager

Tara was born in a small village in Thailand and grew up in Bangkok. After earning her Masters of Science in Community Psychology in Thailand she then moved to Sydney, Australia where she lived for almost 18 years. Her life in Australia was always a mixture of studying, working, and traveling. She now resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

Apart from studying and working, she is the most passionate about traveling. Whenever she has free time, she will pack a bag and go traveling near or far. She has travelled extensively within Australia and across the other continents.

Africa lies deep in her memory and she he came to know of Africa when she was just a primary school student. After watching several documentary films about Africa, she was hooked. When she was finally able to visit South Africa in 2022, her expectations were exceeded:

“South Africa itself blew my mind. I thought South Africa would be very hot/dry with no greenery. It turned out that the complete opposite is true. This country is filled with lush greenery and a table full of learning lessons, and the air is so fresh. Visiting here has been a breath-taking experience that cannot be put into words. It is something that people need to experience for themselves to believe.”

As once said “don’t judge a book by its cover” (George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss, 1860)