Praslin Island

Second largest of the Seychelles’ islands, Praslin spans almost 40 square kilometres of lush tropical jungle fringed by sandy beaches and tranquil turquoise seas. Used as a hideout by pirates during the 18th century, it is today an enticing resort destination offering a range of accommodation, activities and entertainment venues. Praslin is famed for its stunningly beautiful rainforest scenery, particularly the Valle de Mai nature sanctuary, with its groves of coco de mer palms and vanilla orchids.

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Constance Lemuria Resort

Nestled on the northwest shore of the idyllic island of Praslin with the Indian Ocean lapping gently at the shores of its three perfect white sand beaches and Surrounded by luxuriant and rare vegetation, the Constance Lemuria, Seychelles is at the heart of a luxury Seychelles experience.
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