Finnmark is Norway‘s northernmost county, within the Arctic circle. It is the largest county in Norway by area (48,637 km2) but the smallest by inhabitants (74,000 in 2012). Finnmark is the northernmost part of mainland Europe, as well as the easternmost part of Norway. The region is located in the very north of Norway, washed by the waters of the Barents Sea. The climate of Finnmark is subarctic, generally harsh, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, the harbors on the coast do not freeze in winter. And most of the region is surrounded by mountains that shelter from the winds and cold currents from the sea. The nature here is wild, diverse, and beautiful. You will be bewitched by the mysterious blue light of the polar day; the sun here does not set below the horizon for almost two and a half summer months. Finnmark Central is home to extensive national parks and the Finnmarksvidda Plateau, one of Norway’s largest mountain plateaus, where thousands of reindeer graze in the summer. The western regions and the coast near the North Cape are a true paradise for fishermen who dream of a truly big catch. The eastern part is famous for its high vaults of heaven and a vast horizon, where it is especially convenient to observe the midnight sun and millions of bird colonies.