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Wildlife You can Expect to See in a Safari in Africa

Southern Sky Adventures: Wildlife You can Expect to See in a Safari in Africa

The African continent is home to savannas replete with wildlife and plant life that you often see in various media like movies, television, and photographs. Thankfully, you can experience the beauty of the African wildlife by booking a safari tour. Here are just some of the creatures that you can expect to see in their natural habitats when you join an exciting safari in Africa.


Do you want to know just what a lion does to earn the title “King of the Jungle”? There’s no other way to answer that than to see one in its natural habitat. Be a little patient when you see one snoozing though, as it may just be in the process of stalking its prey. Lions are known to wait for as long as twenty hours for their meal.


The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth. The thing is they don’t really grow very big when in captivity, so the biggest elephant you see in your local zoo might be a dwarf compared to a full-grown adult. Observe the sheer power of an elephant in its true territory by seeing one in action in the savanna.


If you see a rhino in the wild, you’ll appreciate the hard work that animal rights advocates put in to protect this species. There are two common kinds in the African jungle: the black rhino and the white rhino. While they may be shortsighted and have a bad temper, they are quite a thrilling sight in their natural habitat.

Mountain Gorilla

The rare and reclusive mountain gorilla lives in the forested regions of Africa. There are now only about 720 mountain gorillas in the planet. If you see them, you’ll notice how similar yet different they are from human beings. Though possessing an intelligence and memory unlike other creatures, they have limbs with almost superhuman strength.

If you want a chance to see these creatures for yourself, many international tour companies like Southern Sky Adventures can help you book an awe-inspiring safari in Africa. Bring along your family or friends so they too can see for themselves the majesty of the natural world. Get away from the rigors of civilized life and be enamored by the wonders of creation.

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