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Southern Sky Adventures: Groups/Schools

Clubs and groups may have an interest in traveling together to southern Africa, East Africa or the Islands. No group is to be considered too large or too small when considering your desires. Horseback riding clubs, aspiring or current veterinarians, garden clubs, mountain climbing organizations, scuba diving clubs, birders, golfers and train enthusiasts are but a few groups who might find themselves wanting to travel through Africa.

School Groups

Click here for a more detailed description of the itineraries, African based partners and media.

Southern Sky Adventures offers high school and university/college students the opportunity to travel to Africa to experience what most have only read on the internet or seen on television.

Combining adventure travel with community service offers these young minds the prospect to both increase their exposure to adrenaline centered activities such as walking safaris, white water rafting and intimate animal encounters while also giving back to the local communities in a hands on effort.

club group 2club group 3club group 1Our trips are currently focused in four countries in Africa – South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya. We have contracted with EcoTraining, a South African based company with 22 years of experience training the field guides (safari rangers, as they are more commonly known in the US) of southern and East Africa. EcoTraining ( provides for us an experienced turnkey proposition in offering their wilderness camps and instructors to the students we bring. Prepared as educators, EcoTraining’s instructors are fully trained and experienced field guides who have already completed their Field Guide of Southern Africa (FGASA) course work. Each has also gained valuable work experience in the lodges spread throughout southern and East Africa. All are fully prepared to teach the basics of Africa’s flora and fauna via twice daily excursions, by foot and by vehicle, into the surrounding national parks.

We have uploaded onto our YouTube channel a series of videos of the EcoTraining experience. Those videos can be viewed in the linked files below:


Personal testimonials given by prior students at EcoTraining: – We Heart the Bush


Overview of EcoTraining: –  Southern Sky Adventures and EcoTraining:


Interviews with Two EcoTraining Instructors: – Meet Your Instructors


During our stay with EcoTraining we will be taking the group to a local community where a variety of projects are available to help improve the lives of those living in more simple surroundings. In the past we have had the students engage in work that has helped improve the local schools and craft markets.

If the group will be in southern Africa (South Africa or Botswana) with EcoTraining,  the last week of the journey will then be spent at Victoria Falls,  Zimbabwe. At Victoria Falls we plan to take the group on a variety of active activities including white water rafting down the Zambezi River. If the group heads to Kenya with EcoTraining for their safari experience, the last week will be spent on the white sand, palm tree lined beaches of Kenya. Here, the group will work with a local non-profit specializing in the rehabilitation of a variety of sea turtles. Towards the latter part of that week we will take the group to a local water sports company offering paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling as well as kite and wind surfing. – Kenya Coastal Experience

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