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Overland Tours

Southern Sky Adventures: Overland Tours

Overland tours have become an ever more popular way to explore Africa for the more budget conscience traveler. Transportation is provided in a large vehicle that resembles a cross between a truck and a bus. The cab and chassis are kept on a truck and up to 20 seats and storage are added in the rear. A mixture of tourists (college students to senior citizens) will venture out on these adventure trips varying in length from a few days to a couple of months where camping and/or more conventional accommodation is offered. Cooking is done at camping sites along the way. Should travelers be more interested in overnighting in hotels or B & B’s there are tours offering non camping options as well.

These journeys run north, south, east and west. Travelers can even take an overland trip from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa a distance of almost 4,500 miles. Other journeys concentrating on East Africa or southern Africa or country specific options are readily available.

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