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Specialty Tours

Southern Sky Adventures: Specialty Tours

For all the attractions southern and East Africa has to offer on safari or an exotic beach there are an array of add ons and unique trips to bring an entirely different approach to a journey. Wildlife can be seen and examined up close and personal on a safari hosted by a veterinarian where animals are darted and treated. Taking in the wildlife on a horseback safari or flying yourself and your group on a tailor made itinerary. Water lovers may well want to concentrate on fishing some of the rich waters of the Atlantic or Indian Oceans, diving in some of the world’s most desired reefs or surfing breaks that attract boarders throughout the Pacific. For the finer parts of Africa, birders as well as flower lovers will find a cornucopia of attractions. Should members of your group be in need of assistance, wheelchair safaris can be arranged. Travelers interested in discounted tours but with a flair for adventure, can take an overland tour.

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