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Sand and Surf

Southern Sky Adventures: Sand and Surf

Lounging on the white sand and palm tree laden beaches of Africa offers an exceptional climax to any safari. The shores of Africa offer comparison to those of the Caribbean. Surfers, anglers and scuba divers can all find their desires easily superseded with swells to warrant Billabong Pro Tour stops, freshwater Tiger fishing and saltwater fly fishing to rival Hemingway’s trips and some of the favorite diving spots of Jacques Cousteau. While the exotic island locales of Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Zanzibar, found in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, are better known for their white sands and palm trees some real gems can also be found further south in Mozambique and South Africa. The coastlines of Tanzania and Kenya are streamed right across the equator and provide year round temperate waters to enjoy. While the Atlantic seaboard is less visited due to the cold waters, the barren windswept dunes of Namibia yield a photographer’s paradise.

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