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Table Mountain

Southern Sky Adventures: Table Mountain

A trip up the famous Table Mountain (3,566 feet) is one of the best tourist highlights Africa has to offer. Found only but a mile from the white sand beaches of Cape Town, South Africa, Table Mountain and its surrounds offer the equivalent of enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains while sitting on the beaches of Miami. Similar is scope and beauty to topography of Rio de Janeiro, Table Mountain serving as sentinel over Cape Town is a must see.

The mountain can only be ascended on days when the mountain is not covered with its “table cloth” or hidden in dense fog. On sunny days it provides a fabulous panoramic view of the city, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain tops of the Cape Peninsula.

One can access the top of Table Mountain by either taking the cableway or hiking. The cableway is obviously more popular but a good idea can be to split the hike and walk half and opt for the cable car trip on the remainder of the journey. The top of Table Mountain is flat and vast, offering many options for further hikes at the peak. A popular route has developed to hike from the top of Table Mountain down the back and into Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

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