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Picture Perfect Nature: Photography Tips for Your Safari Adventure

Southern Sky Adventures: Picture Perfect Nature: Photography Tips for Your Safari Adventure

Nature abounds with so many exhilarating sights for the eager adventurer, from wide plains to a stunning array of creatures in their natural habitats. You can experience all these through a safari tour from booking companies like Southern Sky Adventures. Regardless which savanna you choose to trek, you’ll definitely regret not bringing your trusty camera with you to take as many unforgettable shots as you can. Here are some tips on taking photos of your amazing safari adventure.

The Camera

For the best photos, use a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. This type allows you to change lenses for different photo scenes. Zoom lenses are also a must in any safari trip. Just imagine the animated conversations back home when you bring back a high resolution close-up photo of a lion baring its maw.


To further improve the quality of your photos, make sure that you stabilize your shots using a sturdy tripod. Some zoom lenses can blur your photo with just the slightest jerk of your hand, so it’s best to be prepared. Choose tripods with longer legs to ensure a comfortable position when you look through your camera to await that perfect photo opportunity.


Even professional photographers find it hard to establish an excellent angle for composition if they are always shooting in a controlled setting. Look at your viewfinder often to look for a “story” before taking the shot. If you need to make speed shots, hold the camera steady, or stabilize the tripod. A great rule of thumb is to always keep the sun behind your side to better illuminate your animal subjects.


After shooting photos, sharing photos can be the next most exciting part of photographing a safari adventure. Unless you’re a pro aiming to sell your photos, there are many cost-free ways for you to share your photos, such as through social media sites like Facebook. Place a watermark for each shared photo to ensure copyright. You may also do some Photoshop touches to clean up before sharing.

Make the best out of your trip and book an exciting safari adventure way ahead of schedule. This gives you time to get your camera gear packed and readied. Through these photo tips, you can give your family and friends back home a glimpse of the wonderful wild adventure you had.

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