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Inside a Traveler’s Backpack: What to Bring to a Safari in Africa

Southern Sky Adventures: Inside a Traveler’s Backpack: What to Bring to a Safari in Africa

Some people are so busy that they postpone packing until the last minute. Rush preparations can make you forget important things and ruin a much-anticipated vacation in Africa. To enjoy the vibrant African culture and wildlife without unnecessary anxieties, here are the recommended must-haves in your backpack. Make sure you pack them early on.

Digital or Video Camera

Bring a camera that takes good still and video shots. For most people, going to a wildlife safari in Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Because animals aren’t displayed in cages, part of the thrill for visitors is in not knowing when they’ll show up or how long they will stay in a certain spot. So when they appear, don’t delay in taking shots. However, remember that the main reason you’re there is to observe and experience the animals up close. Give picture snapping a break every so often, and collect some memories as well.

Attire for Every Weather

Bring clothes for all types of weather. Most people don’t know this, but it snows in Africa. Temperatures can drop to below zero at night. Before your trip, research about the weather in your target destination during the time you expect to travel. Moreover, bring clothes with plenty of pockets, preferably those secured by double Velcro or zippers. This makes it impossible for items to randomly fall out of your pocket while you’re hiking or peeking out of the vehicle’s pop-up roof.


Make sure that you bring all your important medicines with you. Include malaria pills, antibiotics, and some over-the-counter medication for common ailments. If you’re not sure what shots to get before you leave, ask your tour operator for recommendations. Companies like Southern Sky Adventures not only provide African tours, but also valuable travel resources on their website. The latter include health precautions and other information that will help you prepare well for your trip.

Snacks and Water

Never leave for your African safari adventure without bringing some form of nourishment. These activities may take long periods. As a rule, each person should bring a liter of water and enough snacks to last eight hours.

Lastly, whatever happens, never forget to bring your enthusiasm and sense of adventure. With those ‘indispensable’ attitudes in your pocket, you’ll not only bring home great photos, but also memories to last a lifetime.

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