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Zimbabwe Travel Advice

Southern Sky Adventures: Zimbabwe Travel Advice

Visas for Zimbabwe

US citizens are required to have a visa to visit Zimbabwe. The visa can be purchased at points of entry, including airports. Costs at this time are $30 and must be paid in cash in $US. Please recheck the cost of the visa prior to departure.

Health in Zimbabwe

Conditions in Zimbabwe have improved considerably since the formation of a coalition government in 2009 and the recent introduction of the US dollar as its official currency. The public medical infrastructure is depressed and medical facilities are limited. Government hospitals and clinics are often understaffed and lack supplies. However, private medical clinics in major cities such as the capital, Harare, and Victoria Falls and Bulawayo can provide higher quality care in many cases. Private doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for health services. Travelers should carry their prescription drugs and medications in the original labeled containers.

Despite medical facilities being more limited in rural areas, all game reserves have well trained private doctors on call that can be flown in. For serious medical treatment, medical evacuation to the US or South Africa may be necessary. Game reserves have pilots available to fly any serious need patient out quickly. Properties in the game reserves have a complete local and long distance plan for treating healthcare emergencies.

Zimbabwe has a semi tropical climate and malaria is prevalent so malaria medications are recommended. Please consult with your local travel doctor and/or the Centers for Disease Control to determine what inoculations are needed before travel to Zimbabwe commences.

Check yourself daily for ticks when spending time in the bush of Zimbabwe.

Ask that your travel doctor fill out an inoculation card after your visit and make sure you copy it and carry both the original and copy with you. Often, yellow fever inoculation will need to be proven to gain entry into Zimbabwe.

Travel Insurance to Zimbabwe

As with travel anywhere in the world it is essential that you should have travel and health insurance. Southern Sky Adventures advises you purchase both and would recommend that you contact Pari Morse at with 1 Earth Travel Protection if you do not already have a supplier of these services. The travel insurance will protect you financially against any unplanned emergences that might change your plans prior to or during your travels in Zimbabwe.

Health insurance will ensure you get the best medical care possible while in Zimbabwe, regardless of cost. Call your current health care provider and ask them what is covered during your trip abroad. If you purchase supplemental insurance make sure you ask for a policy that will cover transportation back to your home. We will discuss these points in detail prior to booking your trip to Zimbabwe.

Safety in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has received a lot of negative press about its government over the last few years and all of it is accurate and more importantly, overdue. The ruling party (Zanu-PF) has been exacting terrible retribution on its political adversaries. However, from personal experience in traveling through the country regularly and recently, tourists have no more to fear in traveling through any other parts of Africa as they might have it visiting Zimbabwe. The country

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