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South Africa

Southern Sky Adventures: South Africa

South Africa, on the continent’s southern tip, is the 25th-largest country in the world – slightly less than twice the size of Texas – and boasts a lengthy coastline stretching more than 1,500 miles along two oceans, the South Atlantic on the west and the Indian on the south and east. South Africa is neighbored by Namibia in the northwest, Zimbabwe and Botswana in the north, and Mozambique and Swaziland in the northeast.

Its natural beauty and scenic wonders are legendary, from its soaring mountain peaks and passes, dense and ancient forests, to its miles of unspoiled coastline, and rolling flower fields and grasslands of every hue. South Africa truly offers something to lift everyone’s spirits.

South Africa is known as the adventure capital of the world, whether it’s seeing the big game animals, diving with Great White Sharks, death defying adventure sports or discovering the humanity and generosity of other cultures. Game viewing and safari in South Africa is as up-close and wild as it gets. Almost anywhere one travels in South Africa he will experience an overwhelming abundance of nature, wildlife, culture, adventure, heritage and vibe.

One of the world’s most captivating cities, Cape Town – and the Cape Peninsula up to Cape Point – are famous for scenic beauty and celebrity beaches, 3,000 foot Table Mountain rising above the city, whale-watching, world-class shopping, nightlife, food & wine, and a laid-back atmosphere. Indeed, with wine regions stretching from the Western to the far Northern Cape and the edge of the Karoo, one can almost taste their way around South Africa.

South Africa’s ‘City of Gold’ is Johannesburg, which pulsates with African heartbeat felt in its endless opportunities for shopping, entertainment, freedom tours and eating out, while world-renowned Kruger National Park is as large Massachusetts, consists of nearly 5 million acres and features 16 ecosystems.

When it’s time to plan the most exotic golf getaway imaginable, think South Africa. The quintet of Sun City, Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Garden Route and Durban will provide the trip of a lifetime and memories for a lifetime, as well.


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