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Competent Guides Ensure Your Safety in a South Africa Safari

Southern Sky Adventures: Competent Guides Ensure Your Safety in a South Africa Safari

Concerns about safari safety were raised in 2003, after a British nurse was killed by a rampaging elephant in Malawi. Safari operators quickly responded by urging the public not to let the single incident stop them from enjoying a safari in South Africa. Over the years, safari organizers have taken their respective steps to ensure public safety.

Safaris play a major role in the economy of countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, and more. They know full well that an isolated fatal incident can cause a substantial blow on the demand for such tours, which is why they require the training of qualified guides to prioritize the safety of guests above everything else.

In an interview with a British daily, veteran safari guide Calvin Cottar said the dangers of a safari usually stem from inexperienced and unarmed guides. Aside from training, Cottar argued that a guide must also know how to use firearms in certain situations. A rifle doesn’t necessarily have to be used to kill, but rather to fire a warning shot and scare any animal that comes too close.

The safari that the British nurse participated in back in 2003 was a walking safari, where the tourists had to walk along a specified trail. It was reported that the group’s guide wasn’t armed with a rifle, and efforts of nearby rangers to draw the elephant’s attention proved futile. If anything, the incident made it clear that without effective means of scaring any rampaging animal away, accidents are more likely to happen.

Gadling blogger Kraig Becker wrote that schools for safari guides exist across southern Africa. It’s at these schools that aspiring guides learn different skills such as driving a four-by-four across the rough terrain, navigating from bush to bush, and identifying danger zones. Training usually lasts approximately a month, but trainees still need to undergo exams to be certified.

When you book African safari tours with travel agencies like Southern Sky Adventures, you can trust that you’re in good hands. You will be led by competent guides who have the necessary qualifications to help you navigate the African terrain. There are two things you need to follow on your trip: the guide and the path. Stick close to both and all will be well.

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