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08-03-2008 South Africa

Southern Sky Adventures: 08-03-2008 South Africa

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We landed at Johannesburg International Airport at 6PM, about 45 minutes late due to our delayed departure from Washington Dulles. The anticipation of getting off the plane after a 16 hour flight one would think would be my sole determination for a quick exit. However, with each subsequent trip to South Africa, my eagerness is driven more by an ever growing sense of home about this place and a comfort that is similar to that of someone else entering their vacation home at the beach, lake or in the mountains. South Africa feels that way to me. It feels much like a second home. So, I exit the plane with no angst about where I am arriving; only the feelings of “did I get everything done in Atlanta before I left?”.

I must also admit to one other driving force behind getting into Johannesburg: the weather. I boarded the plane in Dulles in 90 degree heat and close to 100% humidity. Once I cleared customs and entered the fresh air of Johannesburg I was breathing in crisp, clean 70 degree air under a cloudless sky and no humidity. That feeling alone was worth the flight.

South Africa boasts some of the best weather in the world. While maintaining seasons, the weather remains in a comfortable setting for most of the year. I’ve been to South Africa in almost every month of the year and I’ve yet to arrive without taking note of pleasant weather immediately or within a few hours. I can think that in the US, only southern California boasts as favorable weather. The Western Cape can get cold and rainy for a few days in winter but nothing like the temperatures we take on day to day in the US. The lack of humidity makes it a wonderful summer destinations, as well. Spring seems to stay in South Africa for 6-8 months.

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